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We have some of the best, most economical Fallow Deer in all the nation. Our herd is well over 300 fallow and we have some amazing genetics, so our trophy Fallow bucks are spectacular. The Fallow deer is native to Europe, and one of the most majestic animals in the wildlife kingdom. They have 3 different color phases: white, chocolate, and common spotted. Many relish the grand slam of all three different colors of Fallow. More importantly, the meat is excellent table fare ... much tastier than whitetail deer. We promise you will love the challenge of real fair chase hunting of our beautiful Fallow deer on our thousands of acres.

We have a good herd of Japanese Sika deer ... they are the oriental/Asian elk ... smaller but much more aggressive and dominant. There meat is excellent eating, similar to favor of elk meat. Our Sika have done wonderful here in Oklahoma so we have lots of them with some many trophy sized bucks, and our prices on Sika were already some of the best in the country, so 20% off makes a superb bargain.

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary with a very special sale on our beautiful buffalo herd. Bison are an important historical image of our Oklahoma culture, and we are proud to have large numbers of buffalo on our ranch. Bison meat is some the best tasting game meat you will ever encounter, and the experts say it is healthier than even chicken or fish. Plus they make for such a gorgeous rug or taxidermy mount. And remember our bison are free ranging on thousands of acres, so it real fair chase hunting. You can even challenge yourself by hunting them from horseback like the Indians did in the ole days. Most importantly, our market niche is exceptional customer satisfaction where we will do it all to ensure you have one of your best ever wildlife adventures on our ranch.

We have an overabundance of Pere David’s Deer on our ranch. These deer are a relatively rare venison species from the Orient, known as a Chinese swamp deer.  They are quite large, about elk size, and their meat is excellent eating. The Pere Davids deer, or Milou as known in the Orient, have limited numbers around the world, and there are very few of this lovely specie remaining in their native homeland of China.  A French missionary named Father Armand David first discovered these deer in the Chinese Emperors hunting park, south of Peking in 1865. He shipped specimens to Europe the following year and a breeding herd was later set up by the Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey. The entire Chinese herd was destroyed during the revolution in 1900, but the herd in England was highly successful and increased in size and eventually their descendants found their way to parks, zoo's and ranches like ours.  We bet that most of your hunting buddies have never hunted or even encountered Pere David deer … be the first in your family/group to harvest one.

We have a large good herd of Red Stag ... they are the European elk ... exceptional trophy because of the beautiful crowns on their majestic antlers making them look like Kings. Their meat is excellent eating, tastes just like elk meat. Our Red Deer have done wonderful here in Oklahoma so we have many with some huge stags, and our prices on red deer were already some of the best in the country, so 20% off makes a superb bargain.

WILD FERAL HOGS only $1.00 per pound
Free ranging wild feral hogs in our main pasture are a problem, and they are CHEAP at only $1 per pound to harvest. Wild hogs are one of the most challenging hunts on our ranch … these animals are very smart and elusive, so be ready to hunt hard to score a free ranging wild hog on our ranch.

Another popular discount at the Triple S Ranch are horned animals where one or both horns are broken.  Any non-antlered wildlife having a broken horn will never grow back that piece of horn. We discount those animals up to 50%, which results in significant $$ savings. Most importantly, we usually have a horn replacement available free of charge for both your hunt photos and your mount. Our taxidermist can ensure you'd never know the horn was broken when you receive your trophy mount.


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